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The following states received 100% in Central Website Access:

Accessible online election resources provide voters greater access to information about their elections. As the internet becomes more widespread in our society, citizens increasingly expect to find information online. Providing clear, concise guidance to voters on a state elections website dramatically improves the accessibility of elections. For example, studies suggest that people who have an opportunity to register to vote online vote at higher rates than those who register via other methods. Further, by allowing voters to make requests and check specific information about their voting status, states make it easier for citizens to exercise their fundamental right to vote. Online systems also lead to fewer problems compared to a paper-based system. Paper forms can get delayed or lost in the mail, printing and sending paper forms can cost millions of dollars, and data entry is time consuming and costly. Additionally, online systems make elections less expensive: states are saving thousands of dollars by switching to systems that allow voters to register online. To determine the quality of online resources, the Scorecard includes the following metrics:
  • Whether the state allows voters to request vote by mail ballot online
  • Whether the state allows voters to register online
  • Whether the state allows voters to lookup their Election Day polling location online
  • Whether the state allows voters to check their vote by mail status online
Each of these metrics can make it easier for voters to vote and administrators to administer their elections. For more on Central Website Access, read our blog post.

For full details, please visit our detailed calculation spreadsheet.

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