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The following states received 100% in Vote By Mail:

Voting by mail is still considered a privilege in many states. While a majority of the states allow any eligible voter to request a ballot by mail — and four states now even conduct their elections entirely by mail — many states still place restrictions on which voters may request a mail-in ballot. Restrictions like this only serve to make elections less accessible and discourage participation. Meanwhile, robust, no-excuse vote by mail programs – more than almost any other type of voting law – make it easier for eligible voters to exercise their fundamental right to vote. From college students and night-shift workers to constant travelers and individuals with less mobility, almost everyone can benefit from being able to cast their ballot by mail from the convenience of their home. Not only do accessible vote by mail laws make elections more convenient, they also save money and create a more secure system. By avoiding the traditional costly Election Day polling location staffing and machine requirements, state and local governments save time and money. For instance, when Montana considered all-mail elections, the state’s clerk and recorder association estimated that it would have saved taxpayers $2 million each election cycle. Additionally, vote by mail ultimately provides a more secure system by ensuring a paper trail, leading to more confidence in our elections. To determine how accessible each each state’s vote by mail system, the Scorecard includes the following metrics:
  • Whether a state holds their elections entirely by mail
  • Whether the state requires an excuse to vote by mail
  • Whether the deadline to return absentee ballot is NO earlier than Election Day (via any type of delivery)
  • Whether the state allows all voters to sign up to vote by absentee permanently
Each of these metrics provides useful insight into how easy it is for a voter to cast a ballot by mail.  

For full details, please visit our detailed calculation spreadsheet.

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