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The following states received 100% in Voting Machines and Poll Workers:

Voting systems across the country vary widely and can dramatically influence how elections are conducted. Secure voting machines safeguard our elections against tampering and ensure that election results accurately reflect the intention of the voters. Intuitive and safe systems lead to more efficient Election Day operations while maintaining the integrity of our elections. Voting systems are at their best when states mandate the machines to be federally tested or certified, require a permanent paper trail, and provide straightforward information to voters to ensure they understand how to use their local voting machines. In addition to secure machines, poll workers should be trained to accurately guide voters through Election Day, including training on how to use the machines, check in voters, and the rules governing voting in their state. Adequate training helps create more efficient and fair elections. To determine whether the voting machines and poll-worker requirements in each state improve the state’s elections, the Scorecard includes the following metrics:
  • Whether state voting technology requires a paper trail
  • Whether the state requires poll worker training
  • Whether state law requires voting machines to meet federal standards, testing by a federally accredited laboratory, or federal certification
  • Whether the state provides readily accessible voting technology information
Each of these metrics provides useful insight into whether a state’s voting machines and processes make it easier for eligible voters to cast a ballot and improve faith in the results.

For full details, please visit our detailed calculation spreadsheet.

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