May Roundup: 4 Must-Read Articles

Want to make sure you don’t miss the month’s best opinion pieces, deep dives, and analysis? Here’s your monthly roundup of must-read articles on voting rights from around the web:

1. Former felons are looking to mobilize other former felons as a voting bloc, encouraging them to vote if they are eligible or to seek to restore their right to vote if they are not. “The United States is one of only a handful of countries that strips voting rights from felons even after they have served their time. The concept … only began to impact large numbers of people in the wake of the Civil War, when several Southern states used it to disenfranchise black men who had recently gained the right to vote.” See more from the Franchise Project on felon enfranchisement.

2. “The 2020 census is a total revision of the survey’s process,” and yet only a sole trial is being run — and even that has been truncated. Critics worry that the upcoming census will undercount the population, affecting federal funding and congressional apportionment.

3. The Senate intelligence committee released a report that included new details on the Russian cyberattacks on U.S. election systems. In at least six states, cyber operatives “conducted malicious attempts on voting-related websites,” mostly public-facing websites that display election results rather than those that tally them. In a small number of states, cyber operatives were in a position to alter or delete voter registration data.

4. Several states have signed on to nullify the electoral college, “one of the very worst features of American democracy.” Advocates hope that more states will sign on to implement this election reform.

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