September Round-Up: 4 Must Read Articles

Want to make sure you don’t miss the month’s best opinion pieces, deep dives, and analysis? Here’s your monthly roundup of must-read articles on voting rights from around the web:

  1. Want an overview of redistricting and gerrymandering? The Franchise Project’s Noah Lindell digs in, explaining when gerrymandering is unconstitutional and laying out how you can take action to advocate for #fairmaps.
  2. Trump’s voting commission chair, Kris Kobach, wrote an article for Breitbart falsely claiming that voter fraud influenced last year’s election in New Hampshire. It’s Kobach’s own behavior — and the behavior of the witnesses on his panel — that is truly troubling.
  3. The voting commission’s claims of voter fraud rely on circular logic. Its modus operandi is familiar: “make false, unverified, or disputed claims of fraudulent voting, then use those claims as evidence that anti-voter-fraud efforts are necessary, and when claims are debunked, cite that as a demonstration of the need to pursue the subject more thoroughly.”
  4. Emily Bazelon describes sophisticated computer modeling techniques that are “brutally efficient in maximizing partisan advantage” during redistricting. Creating a workable standard for curbing excessively partisan redistricting is at issue in Gill v. Whitford, which the Supreme Court will hear on Oct. 3.

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