2017 Roundup: 3 Must-Read Articles and A Look Ahead at Resisting in 2018

2017 Roundup:

This month, we’re looking back on the big voting rights stories of 2017. Here’s your roundup of last year’s must-read opinion pieces and analysis.

1. 2017 saw Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity dissolve into lawsuits and oblivion. But before the Commission imploded, the Franchise Project’s Emma Olson Sharkey led the call to resist its blatant goal of restricting voting across the entire country.

2. Don’t miss the Franchise Project’s overview of redistricting and gerrymandering. Noah Lindell digs in, explaining when gerrymandering is unconstitutional and laying out how you can take action to advocate for #fairmaps.

3. Want some background on the Census, the huge challenges it currently faces, and its importance to voting rights? Mike Malloy gives an overview and offers some tips for how you can help support the Census and protect our democracy.

A Look Ahead at Resisting in 2018:

1. The 2018 midterms have “the makings of a brutally tight year—and a perfect setting for hackers to make mischief,” according to The New Yorker. Even without altering tallies, hackers could work to undermine Americans’ trust in our democratic institutions.

2. The Justice Department has requested that a question about citizenship status be added to the 2020 census, which experts warn would damage the accuracy of the census by reducing participation. Suppressing census participation would affect the apportionment of legislative seats by undercounting “largely reliably Democratic constituencies” and impact the distribution of “hundreds of billions of dollars in federal money to areas that most need it.”

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