January Roundup: 4 Must-Read Articles

Want to make sure you don’t miss the month’s best opinion pieces, deep dives, and analysis?  Here’s your monthly roundup of must-read articles on voting rights from around the web:

1. “A series of court decisions in recent weeks—in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and at the United States Supreme Court—have demonstrated that the judicial branch of government is mobilizing to end [the] shameful and destructive legislative practice [of partisan gerrymandering].” This article in The New Yorker runs through encouraging developments in combatting the partisan gerrymandering that has “exacerbated the polarization and the paralysis that afflict our democracy.”

2. Trump’s sham Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, which disbanded in January, checked a box requesting Texas voting records that flag Hispanic surnames.  The request raises flags about voter discrimination; voting rights advocates had previously warned that the Commission “could establish a pretext to target African American and Latino voters.”

3. The bogus Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity might be gone, but it’s possible that the Trump administration could make an effort to continue the Commission’s work.  Voting rights advocates have vowed to maintain their scrutiny.

4. January marked a year of the Justice Department operating under Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ hostility towards voting rights.  “[T]he Justice Department under Sessions has not filed a single new action seeking to protect the voting rights of minority voters.”  It also “reversed its position in two significant voting rights cases.”

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